Fun with Fondant – Week 3.

Welcome to this week’s episode of Fun with Fondant.  Not to be anticlimactic or anything, but we didn’t do a whole lot this week.  We did two main things: the mums, and daisies.

They’re pretty easy flowers to make (in comparison to the flowers we did the week before), and just require layering pieces on top of one another but one struggle we all had in our class was that these cutters didn’t do a great job at what they were suppose to do: cut.

The smaller daisy cutter was warped, and apparently it wasn’t isolated to mine.  The teacher’s, as well as the other students in the class had the same issue, and that issue was that the outer edges would cut just fine, but the inner part of the flower, the “V’s” in between each petal, didn’t, and we had to go over and painstakingly score them with a knife.

So Mr. Wilton, I love your kits, supplies, and your classes, but could you please ensure future cutters you make of this type cut properly, and spare future novice fondant peoples the the emotional trauma of ripped flower petals?  I know it’d make the world a better place.  Thanks.

So anyways, the completed mum I did in class:

mum’s the word.

And I made another one when I got home; I tried making this mum a bit more open.

And the daisy (pardon the raggedy edges; I blame the cutter.)

Like the background? It was a lovely scarf from the Switz that some gal pals got me 🙂

Afterwards, our instructor briefly showed us the basics of how to cover a cake board with fondant in preparation for our next (and final) class, which would be us bringing in a cake to cover in fondant.

Stay tuned for the next (and last episode) of Fun with Fondant with Lydz, as I attempt to cover an entire cake with my own homemade fondant, and make it look not just edible, but presentable.


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