It’s your birthday, so eat s’more.

A blog I love to follow is Amy Atlas.  She is my inspiration and I’d give my right arm and my luxurious tresses, (*hair toss*) to do what she does.

One of her posts that caught my eye was for National S’mores Day (August 10th), where she did a round up of some awesome s’mores related treats off the internet.  All the pictures look amazing, but I decided to make the s’mores cake recipe for a friend’s birthday.  I made extras for a BBQ gathering the next day as well.

Instead of making it a cake, though, I decided to turn ’em into cupcake versions, as the birthday gal is a bit of a cupcake queen herself.

One time she made a durian cupcake (durian haters, bite your tongue) that rocked my world.

They don’t call it the King of Fruits for nothin’!! (picture courtesty of

But anyways.

So I started off with the graham crackers, of course.

I ate a bunch of them out of the box before I even started. Ops.

Using a food processor I grinded them up real good.  I made it as fine as I could get away with, because this stuff essentially replaces the flour ingredient for the cake.  How awesome is that?

You know, next time I’m gonna try that with animal crackers.  Or oreos.  Yes.

Graham cracker crumbs, baking powder, salt.

Then I creamed the butter, sugar, egg yolks, and vanilla extract.  I got my hands into this one.  I forgot to let the butter sit out ahead of time so sped up the process by using heat from my hands to warm up the butter as I mixed it.  I’m typically a wooden spoon kinda mixer.

I washed my hands, I promise.

Then as instructed, I alternated adding the graham cracker mixture and milk into the butter mixture.

I then whisked the whites of the three eggs until soft peaks formed.

Like my action shot? I almost catapulted that bowl off the walls trying to take this picture, so I hope you know the dangers that can come with blogging.

After folding in the egg whites, I scooped the batter into the cupcake liners.  I also made a batch of mini cupcakes too, for those that are lighter eaters (I wouldn’t fall into that category).

And after 20 minutes…

After lettin’ them fully cool, I then proceeded with the icing, aka marshmallow fluff.  Unfortuantely, there wasn’t much time given for me to make these cupcakes, so I just bought fluff at the store.  No shame in that, but I just always wanted to try making my own marshmallow fluff.  Next time.

So I gotta just take a break here and vent.  I went to 3 grocery stores before I could find it.  And looking back now, I don’t think they weren’t not in stock, but I totally think that marshmallow fluff is poorly placed.  In the first two grocery stores I went to the baking section.  Why?  Becuase that’s where marshmallows are kept, so it makes sense that marshmallow fluff would too, right?


So then I’m like, “okay fine,” so the next logical place I went to was to the place where peanut butter, Nutella, and spreads etc were kept.  Still didn’t find it.

I was about to give up when my friend told me to check the cookie aisle because she thought she saw it there before.  So I went to a third grocery store, and there it was, in the cookie aisle.  Sitting inbetween the cookies, and the chocolate and caramel syrups….How does that make sense?  Someone please tell me, cuz I don’t get it.

Anyways, with the fluff in hand I went home.  I’m no marshmallow fluff expert and don’t know what brands are out there, but this was all they had.  I kinda liked it, it looked vintage.

You were a pain to find.

I buttered up a knife (keeps the fluff from sticking), and spread said fluff at the top of each of the cupcakes.

And finished it off with a drizzle of chocolate and some mashed up graham crackers.

There was a ton of food at the bday party, perhaps part of the distraction was the movie “Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus,” running on the TV.  I ended up taking a lot of these home, but that was just fine becuase the extras (along with the batch I had already set aside for the BBQ the next day) were eaten or sent home with friends at the BBQ.

So people got older, the octopus and shark duked it out, beach volleyball was played, and once again my bringing home of an empty caddy marked yet another successful baking adventure.


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