Fun with Fondant – Week 2.

Welcome to this week’s episode of Fun with Fondant.  If you recall, my week 1 didn’t start off so hot.

However, I’ve turned my life around and am happy to report that I managed to get to class early enough to set up my mat and materials before the teacher got started – made easier thanks to my new Wilton caddy.  I also made sure to have everything I needed for my class.

You know, like fondant.

This week we were all about flowers.  If you look to my post on week 1, we made the beginnings of the three flowers: rose, carnation, and mums, so that they’d fully harden for this week.

It is a bit of a delicate process – you gotta roll the fondant pretty thin to make the petals to make them look realistic.  When I practiced them again at home I made them even thinner and found that I liked it a bit better.

And yes, that is spaghetti sticking out of the flowers – preferred over toothpicks / skewers because sometimes people do bite into these  things when you stick ’em in cakes so at least they’re biting into something edible, and not as pokey.

So we finished off the rose:

And the carnation:

But this class, we also started (and finished) the calla lily.  WHOO!

sparkling sugar to make the middle pollen thingie, whatever you call it.

We also learned how to make quick and basic leaves:


I’m totally diggin’ this class – When I’m done with this I want to try to see if I can successfully cover sugar cookies with fondant.

On week 3 we’ll be learning to cover cake boards and cakes, as well as making the mums and I think daisies as well.  Stay tuned.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. nomnomnom says:

    wow.. these look awesome! I love the carnation.. the petals look so realistic!! You rock Lyds! xD

  2. Sarah says:

    Lydia those turned out amazing!!! So nice!!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m really enjoying it 🙂

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