Fun with Fondant – Week 1.

I started day one of my fondant class, and I’m pretty stoked.  The class consists of 4 students, myself included, so we get a lot of chances to talk to the instructor and it’s really easy to get your questions answered.  In case you couldn’t tell, I was one of those keener students in school.

I arrived late, (okay, maybe I wasn’t a total keener) and still needing to buy the fondant (only the single most important thing that the class revolved around), that by the time I got into the classroom, I was flying by the seat of my jeggings to catch up.

Needless to say, I wasn’t able to document my first class, with me trying to catch up and the fact that my hands were covered in shortening the entire time working with the fondant.  This being my first time even touching the stuff, it definitely took some getting use to and I can better appreciate those that work with fondant and gum paste consistently.  It can be a finicky medium to work with.

But here’s what we started working on.  They need time to dry ahead of time before we can continue building on it.

The parts that will build up to make a giant puffy bow:

Pieces of the bow

The beginnings of three flowers:

Beginnings of a mum.
Beginnings of a rose.
Beginnings of a carnation.

After class ended, I decided that I was no longer going to try to store my ever-increasing supply of baking/decorating tools loosely or in recycled Becel margarine containers and such.  I was sick of juggling multiple jars, packages, and baggies, so with a little digging in my pockets for extra change and a Michaels coupon in tow, I finally treated myself with this after class:

The Wilton Ultimate Tool Caddy!

After I transferred all my stuff into this thing, I couldn’t help but kick myself for having waited this long.  Everything was fantastically compartmentalized and organized, that I was jazzercised.  I was also impressed at how much it could fit, and there’s still room for more.

Pretty complex for a caddy – I half expected it to “transform and roll out.”

It’s great having everything all sorted in one unit.  I can just pick up this one thing and I’m good to go.  No more tripping, no more dropping, no more rummaging.

And with that said, I’ll end it here, before I start sounding like things you hear off a TV commercial.

By the way, be sure to stay tuned for next week’s episode of Fun with Fondant.

Okay I’m done.


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