Rare Capitalizations.

I love Capital Ex.  I go every year if I can.

I don’t go for the Asian acrobats (even though I always make sure to watch a show).

I don’t go for the shopping (even though I end up buying 4 shammy cloths and a new mop each time).

I switched it up this year; this year I bought shoe cleaner.  But anyways.

I don’t go for the games (even though my basement is filled with tiny flourescent stuffed animals, each costing $25 to win).

I go for the food.

Yes, I willingly pay admission to go in, only to pay more to eat food that I’d end up regretting the next day; it’s quite a vicious cycle.  But it’s okay, it’s only once a year.

The primary thing I go for: Mini Donuts.  But not just any mini donuts.  No.  I hunt the entire grounds for one kind, and one kind only:

It’s all about those little donuts!!

We got 5 bags for $10 even though there were 4 of us.  We’re all about the most bang for our buck (our Asian sides taught us that).  We divided up the 5th bag between the 4 of us.

the donuts floatin’ down the canal

What is it about those little donuts?  I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about those donuts that are extra awesome.  I usually devour my bag in a matter of minutes, as they are best eaten fresh and hot out of the bag.  The crunch of the cinnamon sugar and the warm toasty donut is the best comfort feeling ever.  I pretty much eat mini donuts only once a year, and I literally wait all year for this.  No other mini donuts quite hit the spot.

Reunited and it feels so good.

Over the years I’ve also come to hunt for another sweet treat at the grounds – these little dudes:

Bake Bites!

It’s like a warm white cake with a piping hot vanilla (or strawberry) custard cream filling inside.  Because we had already eaten alot just before this, we decided to share the one dozen amongst the 4 of us.  We went for the vanilla filling, as it was the “original.”

(That’s what I told them, but I made it up.  I just really wanted vanilla.)

Flippin the bites.
Eat with caution: may appear harmless and cute, but extremely hot inside.  Ask the two guys who burned their tongues.
The “original”  (heh)

Another rare capitalization?  I got a chance to go to Calgary (again) not long after my weekend trip to Calgary with the gals.  Hence, I got a chance to check out some eats I wasn’t able to fit in the first time.  I guess I didn’t eat enough the first time so I needed to come back for more (oh, and to spend time with family as well.)

I got a chance to get a couple of cupcakes at Bliss & Co in Chinook Centre.  Now, I’ll admit that I don’t usually go out and buy cupcakes because I typically prefer to make my own…but there’s something about these cupcakes and that icing that I loved.

Bliss & Co – Chinook Mall

It was like the perfect amount of moist cake with that rich flavorful icing.  Win.  I had them once last year, and since then I’ve had a craving for a sequel.

14 Karrot Gold Cupcake – creamcheese buttercream with moist carrot cake.  Wish I could sport this kinda bling on my finger.
Marble Twist – chocolate and creamcheese buttercream with moist chocolate and coconut cake, aka. all things awesome rolled into one.

I also had a chance to go out for some bubble tea, which weirdly enough, I’ve never really had in Calgary (at least in the last few years I can recall.)  My cousins took me to Bubblemania, and I scolded them for not having taken me there earlier.  I wished we had a place like this.

Terrible picture of Bubblemania, but what ya gonna do?

It’s got an extensive menu of not just bubble tea drinks and other sorts of beverages, but also some pretty cool snacks like wings, featured desserts, and cheesecake.  It also features a giant chalkboard listing dessert specials for that time.

That girl’s laughing becuase she probably took the last waffle before I could.  😡

I decided to get one of their specials, their Kao, consisting of lychee, raspberry, and watermelon.  A totally unexpected combination which totally worked.  And unlike many bubble tea joints that rock that kitschy-clashed decor, the decor of this place was pretty decent.

My Kao with my side of mango popping bubbles I threw in. Refreshingly satisfying.

I also had a craving for a snack, and decided to get the condensed milk thick toast with nutella.  I was initially hesitant to shell out $4 for something I could make at home, but when you have a craving, there’s really not much else you can do.  It totally hit the spot.  So simple.  SO GOOD.

Thick nutella and condensed milk toast. Hohhh…

I had a great time spending time with my cousins, and I’m always bummed whenever our time together ends.  We ended on a pretty sweet note though.  It’s a grand tradition that whenever my cousins and I visit each other, to grab a 15 mini pack of Cinnzeo cinnamon buns to share.

And that tradition lives on.


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  1. Jody says:

    OMG I LOVE everything you just said about CapitalEx lol. And speaking of cinnamon buns, i’m making some right now using the recipe on bakerella! I hope it goes well ❤

    1. WHOO!! Cinnamon buns rock! I’m doing great, I hope you are too! 🙂

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