Men in tights, feather helmet things, and of the like.

Ladies, do I have your attention?

I’d like to introduce you to the Men of Marvel.

Ladies, meet the Men of Marvel.

I recently made some tidy purchases at the Williams Sonoma in Calgary (I still don’t know how we don’t have one, it kills me), and there was a feature display with these cookie cutters along with some other awesome Marvel related products.  So I decided to go at it; it was perfect timing too, as I was attending a duo birthday party pig roast extravaganza that weekend for two supertastic birthday boys (more like men) that I thought would appreciate these cookies.

I was ambitious; I wanted to make ’em a bit more realistic than the ones shown on the box; I wanted them to look more like their illustrated versions.

No so much like this…
…But this.  Am I the only one jealous of Thor’s locks?

It took me 3 evenings to bake and decorate these bad boys.   For this occasion, I decided to whip out season 1 of “Boy Meets World” on my laptop, because nothing makes me feel more manly or heroic than watching a 90’s sitcom.

I first started with Spiderman – I thought they’d be the simplest to tackle.  These were the only cookies where I used only piped royal icing.  The other three cookies had a mixture of piping and detail work done with food coloring gels and brushes.

Rubbermaid full of Toby Maguires.

The second day I went and outlined and flooded the rest of the boys.  I tried to keep my flood icing thin enough that the texture of the cookie (since it was a cookie stamp) could still peek through; it’d serve as a useful guide when doing the detail on their faces.  In the pic below its probably the most obvious with the Hulk.

Yay Mr. Feeny!
Creepy eyeball-less Captain Americas

The third day was really doing everything else on their faces and finishing it up.  I piped the Hulks brows, whites of his eyes, mouth, Captain America’s eyeballs, and the whites of Spiderman, but I believe everything else was done with my paintbrush and food gels.

I decided to start with Iron Man as that was the one I was most concerned about – I figured I might’s well do the hardest parts when I’m the most energized.  The hardest part was the top of his head that had that “sun splatter” to illustrate the reflection off his head.  He was by far the most time consuming, but probably my favorite in terms of end result.

Robert Downey Jr.

Next, I did Captain America.  Why?  Because I wanted to decorate the Hulk last cause he looked the most fun.  I also can’t quite get over the fact that Captain America is coming off a little flamboyant in these cookies.  Maybe it’s me.

With the paintbrush, I detailed the feather helmet (which may explain the flamboyant vibes I’m getting), the rims around the eyes, and his mouth and chin.  He didn’t take quite so long; a lot of the cookie was left untouched to keep  his skin complexion.

What’s with the feathers?

Lastly, the Hulk.  I was most excited to decorate these ones cuz I loved his expression.  As menacing as he can look, I think he’s so cute – like a giant green bear on steroids who failed his anger management courses.  I detailed with a black paintbrush, and touched up the hair a bit to make it appear more spiked.

Why so mad, Edward Norton?

And lastly, I almost forgot to do the whites of Spiderman’s mask so went in and did that before cleaning up.

Ready to go.
And like any project, there’s bound to be blunders and I’m not afraid to admit it.  I totally missed a Spiderman cookie, and was too lazy to whip up red just for him, so ate it.

I also goofed on icing one of the Iron Man cookies – my thumb totally landed in it and the icing was already too dry to bother repairing.  So what did I do?  I made a friend.

Meet Bobette.

Perhaps I had gone a little crazy after being hunched at the kitchen 3 nights in a row, but me and my buddy had a great time.  We played hide and seek…

One of these things is not like the other…

And she got to know the other Men of Marvel…

Best friends forever.

The cookies were eaten, the birthday boys had a great ol’ time, and we all left with a gutful of pork.  As for Bobette?

Well…Bobette may have not been all that pretty…

…but she was pretty darn good.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy says:

    Your cookies came out excellent. Hope mine come out as well.

    1. good luck with yours! I’d love to see them when they’re done!

  2. JL says:

    They were so good! I didn’t want to eat them because they looked too good hahaha…

  3. Corrina says:

    Lydia! These are *amazing*!! I’ve totally been creeping your blog, always intending to comment but I don’t think I’ve gotten around to it before now. (Isn’t it a bit early for my memory to be declining? ;)) Your application of your mad artistic skills to baking is awe inspiring. You should open a bakery! I’ve been making cakes (a guitar & a car so far..I cheated with wilton cake pans.. ;)) and am really enjoying it. But you’re a natural!

    Thanks for sharing recipes & pictures! I want to try making the amish friendship bread soon. 🙂

    1. CORRINA! Ur too kind! I’m so glad to hear you’ve also been doing the baking thing too – I would love to see pics of it! I’m glad you are enjoying reading my blog 🙂 I’ll try to continue to keep this going, and I would love to open a little shop one day (still a dream, maybe one day a reality). I hope you are well!

      1. Corrina says:

        I don’t have a picture of the guitar one 😦 Guess this means I’ll have to make another one..oh the horror! 😉 I really hope you do open a bakery one day! I’ll be one of your first customers…or an assistant. 🙂 Or a taste tester…I can get away with that, right? 😉 Hope you’re having a fantastic summer!

        1. Please do and when you do, send me the pic! I am having a great summer, I hope you are too (we should get together for a coffee one day!)

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