Calgary rhymes with calorie. There’s a reason why.

Forget this whole E-town vs. Calgary business. The truth of the matter is that Calgary, like Edmonton, also has it’s share of pretty gnarly eats.

Some gal pals and I wanted to do a quick getaway that wouldn’t break the bank or make us take vacation time we couldn’t really afford, so we decided to be the true jet-setters we were and headed off to Calgary for the weekend. I tend to equate vacation with eating, and we had done our research ahead of time of places to hit to get our fix of carbs, calories, and fats.

Sweet Stop #1: Overeasy Breakfast

Overeasy can get overcrowded.

Urbanspoon was right, go early or wait; it’s a small unassuming place, the kinda place where you know the food is gonna be good even before you go in. We got there around 11:00 am, and waited for about a half hour for table. There were raised tables with stools that freed up a bit quicker, but we opted to wait. The inside was kitschy cool, and my favorite part was the chalkboard madness up in the middle of the ceiling.

Me and a gal pal ordered two dishes to share: one savory and one sweet. For savory, we picked the “Benny upstream” (2 poached eggs, fresh Organic spinach, smoked Steelhead salmon), and for sweet, the “My mom sure can’t make this every day” (Buttermilk pancakes, stuffed with fresh banana, pecans, English cream, bacon lardons, warm Quebec Maple syrup.) We ordered it sans bacon lardons – I didn’t miss it.

By the way, 10 bonus points for the fun menu item name.

The Benny Upstream was great, and didn’t disappoint, but when the pancakes came out…

My mama sure can’t make this everyday!!!

It was ridiculous. Rolled in awesomeness. With a sprinkling of epic.

My half, flipped open showing all that is good in the world.

My gal pal and I both agreed that the pancakes were fluffy beyond explanation, and the combo of the bananas mixed with the crunch of the nuts surrounded with cream was downright fantastic.

Great place, great vibe, great service (they split up our shared entrees up for us without even asking which was awesome). But go early to beat the crowds!

Sweet Stop #2: Wake Bistro

After brunch we wandered down the Kensington district to check out the cool little shops, in which we stopped for a quick gelato break at Wake Bistro to relieve us from the heat.

Chocolate gelato – my classic choice

Sweet Stop #3: Tubby Dog

We then headed down 17th Ave to continue on with our mantra of “continuously-walking-so-we-can-eat-more” strategy.

Tubby Dog – retro rad.

Tubby Dog was a place I’ve been to several times and is a popular spot for locals and out of towners alike.  I’ve had the A-bomb and Sumo dog which both rock (although the A-bomb supersedes the Sumo for the fact that it’s got potato chips on top). Their onion rings are also humungous, dipped in cornmeal batter. However, that day, I was looking for one thing – the PB & J dog.

Some say it looks disgusting – I say it looks disgustingly AWESOME.

It’s exactly what the name says: a hot dog with grape jelly, peanut butter, and Captain Crunch sprinkled on top. I’ve had it once before, loved it, and made it a mission since then to bring as many friends as I could to try it out. Reactions were always the same: initial doubt and disgust, with a pleasantly surprised reaction after that first bite.  Perfect for those that like the sweet and savory together.

Sweet Stop #4: Bolero

The gals and I headed to Bolero Brazilian Steakhouse for a great all you can eat dinner, featuring staff rotating around the restaurant with 17 different skewers of meat. We miraculously found room to still order dessert: their tres leche cake.

Tres Leche – tres badass.

The cake came with a candle (to celebrate one of our gal’s bday), and came on a pool of fruit puree that went great with the cake. Up till now I’d only heard of tres leche, and that was in the capcity of it being a flavor in gelatos, cupcakes, and the like. I was happy to finally try the real deal, and my only regret was that I had waited this long.

Sweet Stop #4: Kingsland Farmers Market

On day 2 we went to the Kingsland Farmers Market to try out local eats for our breakfast/brunch/lunch meals.

We stopped at a stall featuring pastries by La Creperie, in which I purchased a pain au chocolat, an almond croissant (both to go), and a savory croissant to eat while walking around.

Pain au chocolat

I gotta say I was a bit disappointed with the pain au chocolat, as I was expecting more chocolate inside.  The almond croissant wasn’t that much better in terms of taste and flavor.  Oh well.  Their savory croissant was great though, and they heated it up for me so I could enjoy it hot while walkin’ around.

Almond croissant

We stopped by another stall that sold macaroons, M for Macaroon, to be exact. If you recall, my first time ever having a french macaroon was at the Duchess Bake Shop. As such, I was stoked to try more from other sources.

P for Pretty Tasty

I liked some flavors more than others. My faves: the key lime, double chocolate, and the red velvet/cream cheese filled ones.  The birthday cake macaroon was good in that it actually tasted like birthday cake, but I guess I was wanting a bit more flavor (which, to be fair, I can’t really expect out of a birthday cake flavor). I wasn’t totally diggin’ the chocolate cherry either (it was more cherry than it was chocolate to me).

Chewy creamy cheesey goodneess

One of the last sweet treats I got at the market was a chocolate marble shortbread.  Decent, but I wished it was more buttery (I love my butta).

Who needs marble counter tops when you have marble cookies?

Sweet Stop #5: Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Hot pink – great choice.

Our last (sweet) stop was Jelly Modern Doughnuts. We heard the hype, we had to go. Scroll down for a thorough dissection of each of the doughnuts we tried.

Peanut Butter Cup
Doughnut of the month…I can’t remember the name. Something Chantilly.

The doughnuts were pretty good in portraying their described flavors.  My only gripe was that the “filled” doughnuts weren’t so much filled, as they were just a crater of filling in the middle.  The chantilly was the “lightest” doughnut with it’s fruits and lemon zest in the icing between the doughnut.

I came home 6 lbs heavier after those two days, which pretty much sums up our two day trip of sweet treats under the sun that weekend.  Keep in mind that this only detailed the sweet stuff we ate.  Oh yes, there was more.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going for a run.


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