“Up” up, and away…(attempt #1?)

I’m always wanting to try different methods to decorating my sugar cookies, notedly “painting” with food coloring, and using fondant.  In the past, I’ve stuck to the same techniques:

Straight up decorating/piping with royal icing:

My first real attempt at sugar cookies – Christmas 2008.
My second attempt: for a Vday party in Feb 2009.
Little car sugar cookies for my coworker’s son’s bday.
Christmas 2009 – Santa, Tiffany inspired gifts, and Rudolph.
Christmas 2010

Then I started playing around with edible food markers:

Sugar cookies for an Easter party – Noah’s ark.
Sugar cookies for a new years party – 2011.
Sugar cookies for a Transformers lovin’ bday friend.
Sugar cookies for a Mario Party champ friend.

Getting a bit annoyed with myself that I hadn’t done anything to address my wanting to learn different techniques, I’ve finally registered for a fondant class that starts next week (thanks, Michaels), and decided on a whim to try the painting thing.  So last week I went to Michaels, bought some paintbrushes, a paint tray, and went at it with wild abandonment (with whatever guidance I could get from the internet).

Perhaps it was destiny or sheer concidence, but I decided to try this technique on some sugar cookie designs I had been sketching as inspired from Disney/Pixar’s “UP”.  I LOVE the movie, it’s one of my faves, and perhaps not a bad choice of inspiration considering that I, myself, was trying to take my sugar cookie decorating to new heights (like how I worked that all in together?)

Dug the lovable companion, Carl Fredricksen’s home in the sky, and one of the tennis balls off Carl’s walking cane.
Carl Fredricksen’s home in the sky.
On of the tennis balls on Carl Fredricksen’s cane.

My results gave me mixed feelings.  This being a totally new medium, I admit I have some frusturations and gripes about the end results.  I had done a fourth cookie, inspired off Carl Fredricksen’s grape soda pin, but I was so unsatisfied with it (it was the first cookie I worked on) that I felt that your monitor screen would crack if I posted it (and my insurance doesn’t cover third party nasty cookie inflicted damages).  I’ll be trying it again , hoping that it’ll yield better results.  As for the three that you see above, I’m pretty happy with the end results considering it being my first time, but I’ve already made notes on things I’d like to try different.  I did like the painted look that it gives, though I’m curious what it’d be like if I was to pipe all the detail with royal icing instead.  With these thoughts in mind and other designs I’d like to try, it’s pretty safe to say this won’t be the end of the “UP” cookies.


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