Oh so Corso! (P.S. I heart NKOTBSB)

Heck yes I love boybands, so Tuesday night was an awesome night for me as I went to check out….NKOTBSB!

But that’s not what my post is about, I’m strictly talking about desserts here and will no longer mentioned NKOTBSB for the remainder of the entry.

Whoops, how’d this pic get in here?

Before the show, me and some gal pals decided to grab dinner downtown before hopping on the LRT to Rexall.  We decided to go to Corso32 – a place I’ve personally been dying to go to since it opened.  I must say, it made my night even better than I thought it could be – the sweet icing on my boyband cake, if you will.

Someone alert the WWII historians – there’s a couple of cannons missing, and I’ve found them hanging off Danny Wood’s shoulders.

I know I’m a “sweets” blogger…but I need to just say something about it here, because I didn’t just have dinner.


I’ll leave it at that.  Just…go.  It’s amazing.  If anyone was interested to know, I had a chance to try the following:

Antipasti:  the arancini (crispy rice balls), the grilled cheese with boschetto and spring onions, and the housemade goat ricotta with crostini.

Entree:  the 48 hr porcini crusted flat steak.  (I got to sample some of the game hen and the halibut, also fantastic).

and now….DESSERT.

Oh look at that, how did this picture get in? Must be a glitch.

Me and a gal pal shared the chocolate torta with salty hazelnuts.  I will now let the picture tell the rest:

How to describe it?  It’s like a thick dense rick dark chocolate slab, almost resembling a pate (and what I imagine heaven would be made of).  Paired with the salted hazelnuts, it drew a flavor reminiscent of Nutella (jazzed up 100 times over).

My other gal pal ordered the almond & olive oil cake with fresh strawberries and creme fraiche, which I got to sample a bit of; it will definitely be a dessert I order on my next visit there.  It was a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, and very light; almost refreshing.  Very different from the torta, but both equally tantalizing in texture and taste.

Good food, good friends, a great night.  There is really nothing more to say other than how impressed I am that I totally kept my rekindled teenbop love for boybands out of this entry.

Yes Joey, I too felt a connection.

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