Apples & Crisp for Rice & Crackers

My friends may have noticed that I haven’t been making the super-rich-chocolatey stuff that has come to be expected in a lot of the desserts I tend to make.  This was due to a revelation I recently had that maybe not everyone loves that kinda stuff for dessert as much as I do.  In my efforts to be a more well rounded baker, I’d been resolving to make desserts where chocolate or cocoa do not make up 90% of the ingredients, if at all.

Okay fine, the brownies were an exception, but I would hardly call ’em a mistake.

Anyways, this resolution led to yet another revelation (yes, it’s been a summer of growth for me) that there are a whole lot of awesome things that I love to eat that I have never ever made myself, one of them being apple crisp.

Yes, I too, am shocked and saddened at the same time.  So I did somethin’ about it.  I made it.

Our dodgeball team, Rice & Crackers (don’t ask), got together at two of our teammates home (a hip married couple, who has an awesome home and are a tag team phenomenon of host and hostess) for a BBQ over the weekend, and I decided to make apple crisp for dessert (BF decided to make vanilla ice cream to accompany the apple crisp.  And by make, I mean purchase.  At Sobey’s.)

Once again, came through for me and I found an awesomely rated recipe for it.

I decided to use Granny Smith apples – great for retaining their crunch and shape when used in baking.  I altered the recipe to 12 servings instead of the defaulted 18 servings.  I ended up using only 4 apples for my (approx) 10″ square pan, and it was plenty.

Only 4 out of the 6 apples made the cut. Haha, get it, “cut”? Cuz I’m cutti- never mind.

As instructed, I combined the flour, oats, cinnamon, and brown sugar.  I didn’t have nutmeg so left it out (I didn’t notice it missing in the final product.)

Brown sugar, flour, rolled oats, and cinnamon in the middle.

I then peeled, cored and sliced up the apples.  One of the comments made a suggestion to not slice the apples too thin to maintain some firmness in the apple slices after baking, so I took that tip.

The two apples look on, accepting their continued fate as wholesome, nutritious apples.

I also took another allrecipe comment/tip to toss the apples with a bit of cinnamon before laying them into the pan.  That didn’t sound like a bad idea, so I did that too.

Cinnamon dusted apple slices

Now for the butta, this was a pretty good workout for the arm.  I was planning on grabbing a plain ol’ knife to cut the butter into the dry mixture as instructed, when my mother intervened and gave me this:

Maybe with this I’d have a better chance at scoring a date with Wolverine.

I was pretty impressed with this tool and had never used it before.  Also not knowing what it’s suppose to be called, I will hereby dub it the Fist of Fury.

The Fist of Fury was pretty awesome in cutting up the butter into the dry mixture; it totally addressed the whole issue of cutting up the butter quickly without handing it with your fingers which would cause it to melt.

Fist of Fury in action
The Fist of Fury – mission completed.

I then took my pan, and patted half of the crumbly butter mixture as instructed.

Kinda looks like bird feed, don’t it?

Then the apples…

And the rest of that glorious mixture.

I baked it for the 45 minutes as instructed on convection heat at 350 degrees.  I’ll admit that I kept checking up on it every 10 minutes to “see how it was doing” – the smell of the toasted oats with the brown sugar and cinnamon couldn’t keep me away from the kitchen despite the chores that needed to be done.

Fresh out of the oven – success!!

Right before serving it the next day, I popped it in the host/hostess oven for about 15 minutes to heat it up again.  They say u can eat it hot or cold, but I love apple crisp when it’s hot, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that can just melt and drip all over it.

The rain sucked but it didn’t matter because the BBQ and company were fantastic, and I sure hoped that Rice & Crackers enjoyed the apples & crisp.

10 points to whoever was in the background laying the ice cream smack down on that apple crisp.  Another 10 points for the Hostess’ awesome fruit tarts, they were amazing!


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