This is a story about quinoa (which I learned should be pronounced as ‘keen-wah’ and not ‘qwin-oh-ah’), and my journey in getting to know quiona.

I first met quinoa at a party; someone brought it as a salad dish.  I ate two bowls of it (despite there being 456,812 other items at this party), and had no clue as to what it was.  When I asked the person who brought it, they told me the name; I was convinced I heard wrong so I nodded, said “ahhhh okay,” and walked away as bewildered as ever.

A few months later I met quinoa again at a work potluck as another awesome salad dish.  Again, I asked the creator of this dish what it was and finally learned it was quinoa, with all it’s power-food related benefits.

In short, quinoa became a topic of conversation amongst several of my friends, and to my delight and surprise I recently received a pretty awesome cookbook from a couple of pretty awesome gal pals (along with a bag of quinoa of my very own!)  The title of the book: Quinoa 365  .  There are some pretty awesome recipes in there, some of which are Asian inspired that look especially good.

You’re probably thinking:  Wait, Lydz.  Hold up.  What’s with this post about quinoa salads and grains?  Aren’t you suppose to be blogging about desserts and treats and stuff?  Are you going all Richard-SimmonsSusanne-Sommers-thighmaster healthy on us??

Truthfully, I really do love Richard Simmons and my collection of “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” VHS tapes which makes aerobicsing quite thrilling, but no.  As I was flipping through this book I was totally surprised to hear from my friend that at the back of all the pages of savory recipes, there was this:

Say Keen-whaaat?!

Whaaaaat?!  Quinoa in desserts?!  Up until then I had never heard of such thing.  But there was a whack of dessert recipes and recipes for other baked confections such as:

this dense looking chocolate cake of amazingness.


This caramel pecan pumpkin pie of awesomeness.

Needless to say, I’m totally stoked in getting to know quiona on this profound and deeper level and look forward to testing out some of these recipes.  Stay tuned.


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