Potter Envy.

Love Harry Potter.  I cannot wait until the last movie comes out in a couple weeks, I’ve been in anticipation for it since the first part of the Deathly Hallows came out last year.  I’m also going to be bringing in a roll of 10-ply Charmin paper towels to the theater because I’m about 110% sure that I’ll cry in the epic ending of my favorite book series.

With that being said, my friend sent me this pic she took in Saskatoon while there for a couple days.  She visited Homestead Ice Cream Parlour (I went there once years ago when helping a friend move down there, it’s got some awesome and unique flavors).   I remember it was super cheap too, so if you’re ever there be sure to check it out (902 Victoria Ave,  Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan).  You’ll be pleased.

Anyhow…she saw this and thought enough of me to send (and taunt) me this picture.

So jealous.

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