Middles to my middle.

There was no hesitation.  I was immediately drawn to it from the other end of the grocery aisle as creepily as Bella Swan was drawn to Edward Cullen.  Was this true?  Could this goodness be available to me at $3.99 plus tax?
Middles - probably named after the area on your body that they target.

I opted for the chocolate chip ones – I wanted to really “taste” the middle of the Middle.  I grabbed a box on the middle shelf.

I rushed home (I was this close to opening it in the car), and threw down my bags in a frenzy.  Never mind the groceries I just bought that needed to be refrigerated.  Screw the new clothes I just bought on sale.  Who cares about the DVDs of 70’s sitcoms I found at Best Buy at a ridiculous price because I was the only person that probably watched them.  There were cookies to be had.

Like Christmas in the middle of June.

The cookies appeared unassuming at first glance; looked like nothing special.  They sat almost smug, like they knew they were hiding something, all lined up in a row.  But in one bite, there it was.  It was like chocolate fudge icing wearing a cookie Halloween costume four months too early.

I’ll admit I am a bit of a cookie snob.  I would typically prefer to bake my own cookies rather than buy them in the store.  When I do buy cookies whether it be from a grocery shop or a bakery, I’m kinda critical of ’em.  I have to say though, these were pretty darn good.  And what makes ’em even better?  A short amount of time in a microwave, or in my case, a toaster oven.

Who needs a microwave with a toaster oven like this??

Needless to say I will attempt to make my own batch of Middles.  But that’ll come later; right now I’ve got a box of cookies to go through, straight to my middle.

Oh yes.

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