Meeting the Duchess, and I don’t mean Fergie.

Friday.  Freedom.  Fun.  Food.

Dubbing last Friday as my “cheat-and-eat-whatever-the-heck-you-want-as-though-eating’s-going-outta-style” day, bf and I took the day off and dedicated it to be food fest Friday.

After a heart-stopping lunch at Tasty Tom’s for the first time (now I know what people rave about), we wandered Whyte Ave for a bit before making our way to the Glenora area.

At 24 degrees it was prime gelato weather.  I knew I wanted to hit up Bueno Gelato on Jasper Ave and 124th Street, right across from MEC.  I’d only been there a couple times but it’s got the richest chocolate gelato I’ve ever tasted. Being a chocolate freak, I decided that was what I was gonna get.

Surprisingly, I ended up walking out with this:

Holding this gave my biceps a workout – practically pays for itself in calories.

Who knows if it was the heat or the sodium in my lunch, but I was all over the grapefruit and lime gelato chillin’ behind the glass in mass quantities (may I add that they’re two of my favorite fruit flavors).  I couldn’t decide which one to get, and why should I??  I got both.

Gelato in tow, we walked up along 124 Street to our next destination, a place I’d been hearing about and itching to go to since it opened:  Duchess Bake Shop.

One word:  HOhhhhh…

I was eyeing a chocolate tart, but bf wanted to share the passion fruit tart.  I reluctantly gave in.

I must say he made an excellent choice.


We also got a couple macaroons to “share” (he ate his before I had a chance to propose such a thing.)  No biggie, I was in mecca with my dark chocolate macaroon while he ate his strawberry one.

I was surprised at how light the macaroons were; it was the first of this sort I’ve ever had.  The rich filling was balanced by two clouds of a cookie it was sandwiched between.  As for the tart, the raspberries on top couldn’t have been fresher, the custard was perfectly balanced between sweet yet tart, and the crust was flaky and buttery.  All in all, perfection.

Rest assured that I’ll be back for the chocolate tart. There’s definitely one (or two, or three) there with my name written alllll over it.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. JL says:

    it was worth the day off, so good!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Their apple pie is really good too! And during Christmas they had an AMAZING peppermint meringue!

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